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An uplifting mood evokes the feeling of being carefree. It’s that happy feeling you get when you spend the afternoon with your family at a kitchen table, eating wild berries from a bowl. It’s what happens when you bake a cherry pie and invite the neighbors to come in and share the small pleasures of life with you. It’s the feeling that everything is looking up.

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Expert Insights

These tips will help bring to life the mood you’re looking to create in your home.

Live With What You Love

Place a small bouquet of fresh flowers on your bedside table to lift your spirits as you start the day. Fragrant flowers clipped from your yard or inexpensive bouquets from the grocery store are perfect!

Favourite Colours

Choose colors for your home that make you happy instead of just following the latest trends. By using your favorite paint and fabric colors, you're creating a space you'll love for years beyond current fads.

Children's Art

Nothing you hang on the walls of your home guarantees a smile more than children’s artwork. Hang artwork with clothespins or metal clips on twine tied between two damage-free wall hooks. The clips allow you to change out art easily, so you can enjoy the simple daily pleasure of displaying each new creation.

Painted door frames

If you are nervous about painting a wall a vibrant color, go for the doorframe instead. Having bright doorframes throughout the house will uplift your mood everyday.

Colored Glass

Set brightly colored glasses out on a tray to liven up a bar or countertop. Having easy-to-reach glasses that are bursting with color will make your space come alive.

Decorative Paper Rosettes

Decorative paper rosettes make fun, eye-catching party decorations. And when rosettes in various vibrant colors and patterns are grouped together as wall art, they add an uplifting energy to kids’ rooms.

Supplies List:

Wrapping paper (either in rolls or decorative sheets)

Clear adhesive lines (available at most craft stores) or double-sided tape

Thread or embroidery floss


Wall hooks for hanging

First, cut your piece of wrapping paper to a specific size depending upon the size of rosette that you want to make. Cut the width of your paper to the same number of inches as the diameter of your final rosette. Cut the length of your paper to about 2 ½ - 3 times the width, depending upon how full you want your rosette to be. Once your paper is cut, it’s time to move on to folding it. Make your folds accordion-style (like making a paper fan), starting from the short side of your paper with the pattern facing down. Fold up the first 1/2″ – 3/4″ of your paper and create a sharp fold by pressing down along the edge.

Then flip the paper over and make another same-sized fold. Keep flipping and making folds until you reach the end of your paper. You'll want the last fold on your sheet of paper to face down. If it faces up, cut off a single fold from the end.

If you're working with two sheets of paper instead of one long sheet, you'll fold the second sheet in a similar way but starting with the patterned side up. Once both sheets are folded, run a clear adhesive line or double-sided tape all the way down the length of the last fold on one sheet and adhere it to the last fold on the other sheet, creating one continuous sheet with accordion folds:

Then simply gather the folds tightly together, turn the rosette over so that the patterned side is down, and tie the accordion folds in the center with embroidery floss or doubled thread:

Finally, use clear adhesive lines or double-sided tape to adhere the two halves of each end fold together to create your final rosette.

To hang your rosette, simply nail a small hook into the wall and slide the hook under the tie at the middle of the rosette. When you're layering rosettes and can't place a hook on the wall at the middle of the rosette due to another rosette being in the way, place the hook higher up the wall and loop a piece of thread from the hook to the center of the rosette to hang it.

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