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A sparkling mood makes your home feel energized. It’s the smell of citrus and the sense of freshness you feel when you come back to a clean and tidy place. When everything is in order and your home feels brand new. It’s made for a home that offers absolute relief and satisfaction.

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Expert Insights

These tips will help bring to life the mood you’re looking to create in your home.


Sparkling Colour & Shine

Energize your kitchen with a pop of fresh color by choosing a countertop appliance in a fun, vivid hue. Whether it’s a bright aqua stand mixer, apple green toaster, or lemon yellow coffee maker, this appliance will be one that you won’t want to hide away behind your cabinet doors! Stainless steel refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers are kitchen favorites, but they tend to show fingerprints and smudges and require frequent cleaning. If you love the shiny, modern look of stainless but don’t love the maintenance, look into the new no-smudge lines of appliances. They resist fingerprints and are easy to clean, giving you the sparkling glow of stainless without the upkeep.

Clear Lemon Scent

When designing your kitchen, choose cabinets and countertops with a classic, timeless style but have fun with your kitchen backsplash! Whether it’s a curvy Moroccan ceramic or a sparkling glass mosaic, your backsplash is the perfect place to showcase your personal style and energize your space. Cut up a lemon into tiny pieces and put them down the drain disposal for an instantly sparkling smell in the kitchen. As always, remember to check the user manual before putting anything into the disposal.

Paint it White

Give your cabinets a quick white paint job. Having white cabinets can make an entire room feel clean.

Decorative Plate Wall

Designing a beautiful statement wall in your home can be as simple as displaying a collection of sparkling plates in an eye-catching pattern. Showcase your decorating style and personality through the type of plates that you choose for your arrangement. Use a group of plates from the same collection for a classic, elegant feel or use plates in a variety of styles and colors for a more modern, eclectic look.

Supplies List:

A collection of plates

Craft paper

Scissors & a pencil

Level & tape measure

Vinyl coated wire plate hangers

Start by laying out your plates on the floor and moving them around until you find an arrangement that you like and that fits the available space on your wall.

To avoid making extra nail holes in your wall and ensure that your arrangement is evenly spaced, create paper templates of your plates by tracing each of them on kraft paper and cutting along the traced line. Fold each paper template in half both lengthwise and widthwise and draw horizontal and vertical lines along the folds you created.

Mark the center spot of your arrangement on the wall and, starting with your center template, use painter’s tape to tape your templates to the wall. Use a tape measure to make sure you're hanging your templates within an equal distance of one another and use a level along the marked lines on the templates to ensure that they're level.

Once all of your paper templates are taped to the wall, attach plate hangers to your plates. Vinyl coated plate hangers that hook onto the edges of the plates work beautifully. The vinyl coating keeps your plates from being scratched and the hanger can easily be removed if you ever want to take a plate off of the wall to use for entertaining.

The key to working with plate hangers is to bend the hanger at the point where it will hang from the wall hook so that your plate will hang flat on the wall. To know whether you've adjusted your hanger appropriately, lay the plate on a flat surface with the plate hanger attached. The top point of the hanger should just barely touch the surface that your plate is laying on. If it doesn’t, simply remove the hanger and readjust it.

Once all of your plates have hangers, it’s time to get them up on the wall! Hook a picture hook onto the wire hanger that’s attached to your plate and measure the distance from the top of the plate down to where the nail will go into the hook. Transfer this measurement to your plate template and tap a nail through the marked spot on the template just enough to make a small indention in the wall.

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