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A welcoming mood creates a sense of coming home. It’s that feeling you get when you’ve got a full dinner table on Sunday night. It says “Stay a while” when guests walk through the front door. It’s made for helping turn new guests into new friends.

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To create a welcoming feeling in your home, we recommend


This constantly changing fragrance is reminiscent of a lazy Sunday afternoon, as the smell of mom’s baking teases your senses while you’re relaxing on a comfy sofa after lunch. First you might smell vanilla, then a touch of pie crust and finally baked pear, creating an inviting feeling of home.

Expert Insights

These tips will help bring to life the mood you’re looking to create in your home.


Add Inviting Touches

Before gathering for dinner with friends and family, take a few minutes to create a table that’s beautiful and inviting. Simply add a table runner (which can be as easy as a fabric remnant or scarf), a small centerpiece (flowers from your yard or even a small potted plant) and a few scented candles. Keeping it easy and casual makes guests feel at home.

Lounge in the Kitchen

The kitchen is where everyone tends to congregate so making it a welcoming space is as important as making it functional. Upholstered furniture such as barstools or a banquette can soften the look of a kitchen and invite guests to make themselves comfortable. Use durable, stain-resistant fabrics to lessen the worry of those inevitable spills.

A Bench for Guests

When furnishing your guest room, consider placing a long decorative bench at the foot of the bed. It’s the perfect spot for placing guest towels, an extra blanket or a small basket with magazines, extra toiletries and snacks. And once you’ve welcomed your guests into your home, they’ll appreciate having a place to unpack their suitcases and sit down to relax.

A Cup of Welcome

An easy tip for always encouraging guests to stay and sit awhile is to always have cups on hand. A display set of cups look great and shows you're always ready to offer of cup of whatever to hit the spot.

No-Sew Burlap Table Runner

Welcoming friends and family to gather around your table for enjoying a home-cooked meal is one of life’s little joys. Dress up your kitchen or dining table for your next gathering while keeping a casual feel with this quick and simple no-sew burlap table runner.

Kris Jarrett

Supplies List:

Roll of 3/4” wide jute webbing (available at most fabric stores)
Burlap (measure the length of your table and add 12” to determine the length of burlap needed)
Glue gun and glue sticks

Decide on the width of your table runner. Cut your burlap 2” narrower than your desired width and iron if needed. Next, cut four pieces of jute webbing to frame the burlap: two pieces at the length of your burlap plus 10” and two pieces at the width of your burlap plus 10”. Lay the pieces out in the shape of your table runner: put down the longer jute strips first, then the shorter and finally, the burlap rectangle on top. The burlap should be framed by the jute by about ~ 1" around, plus 5” on each end.

Using your glue gun, glue the short pieces of jute webbing to the ends of your burlap. Then, starting at one end of the burlap, roll it all the way up to the other end.

Working in about one foot sections (so the glue doesn't dry too quickly), use your glue gun to glue the burlap to the jute webbing along the entire length of the table runner. Roll the burlap down as you go and smooth it out with your hand. Be careful not to burn yourself with the hot glue, as some will seep through the burlap.

Once you've glued the burlap to the jute webbing along the entire length of the runner, it’s time to finish off the four corners. For each corner, (1) fold over and glue down the long webbing piece and then (2) fold over and glue down the short webbing piece.

By spending less than $20 and an hour of time, you will have created a beautiful, custom-sized table runner perfect for tonight’s gathering.

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