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A tranquil mood creates a sense of peace. It feels like opening your bedroom window and smelling nature after it rains. It’s that feeling of perfect oasis when you’re lying in a hot bath with your eyes closed and nothing on your mind. It’s the aroma of freshly made mint tea, reminding you that you have nowhere to be but here, and nothing to do but rest and enjoy the quiet.

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First you might smell sea spray, then warm breeze and finally driftwood, as the enticing notes of a beachside hideaway fill your home with a feeling of serenity.

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Expert Insights

These tips will help bring to life the mood you’re looking to create in your home.

Bring the Outdoors In

Bring the tranquil feel of the outdoors into your home by decorating it with natural elements. Vases full of fluffy cotton stems, bookends made of natural stone, decorative cups or vases holding feathers and apothecary jars filled with pinecones and acorns are a few ideas for creating an oasis-inspired space.

Clear View, Clear Head

Maximize the amount of natural beauty and sunlight coming into your home. Extend curtain rods at least ten inches past the edge of each window frame so your drapes are pulled open, and don't cover a large portion of the window.

Bathroom Oasis

Whether it’s a waterfall or calm waves lapping the shore, the sights, smells and sounds of water have the power to soothe and relax. By making a few small changes to your bathroom, you can create a tranquil oasis that turns bathtime into a restorative experience. Add plush white towels and bathmats, fragrant soaps and candles and even a non-electric candle chandelier for soft lighting

Smooth Stacked Stones

Bring a feeling of peace and order to a space by placing stacked river stones inside a vase before adding in flowers. The stones will help stabilize the fresh flowers and bring a tranquil look to the bouquet.

Water Color and Wood

Bring a tranquil look into the house by painting a wall teal. Add unfinished wood shelves for a naturally perfect space.

No Sew Yoga / Picnic Mat

Make your own yoga mat/picnic blanket without any sewing! A great thing to have around for impromptu yoga sessions and picnics.

Supplies List:

An iron and ironing board

2 pieces of cotton fabric (matched or mismatched - your choice)

Oil cloth

Iron-friendly hemming tape

A long piece of ribbon

Turn your fabric over one inch along a seam and iron the seam down into place. Iron the hemming tape directly to the edge of the fabric and then remove the backing before folding a one inch hem over and sealing it with the iron.

Next, cut a piece of oil cloth to the exact dimensions of the cotton fabric. Use the hemming tape once again to bind the two pieces to each other. Add the third layer of cotton on top using the same process.

Create a handle to carry the blanket by tying a piece of ribbon around it, leaving a long enough length to hold on to or to throw over your shoulder.

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