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A paradise mood creates a sense of release. It’s that delightful feeling when everything falls into place and nothing is missing. It’s the sense that beauty is all around you.

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To create a feeling of paradise your home, we recommend


First you might smell sea spray, then warm breeze and finally driftwood, as the enticing notes of a beach-side hideaway fill your home with a feeling of utter satisfaction.

Turquoise Oasis Freshmatic Complete

Expert Insights

These tips will help bring to life the mood you’re looking to create in your home.

Vacation Art

Recapture the memories of your favorite vacation adventure by enlarging a photo from your trip to use as art. Its size is only limited to your imagination.

Make It Vibrant

Be bold with your choice of paint color. Painting a room a vibrant green, sunny yellow or energizing pink will turn your space into its own tropical paradise.

Bold in Small Doses

If you shy away from using vibrant paint colors, you can still bring touches of your favorite tropical paradise into your home. Touches of tropical patterns will have you smelling the sweet scents of the flowers of paradise and hearing the beat of the island drums.

Flowered Curtains

Switch out your outdated curtains with a new set filled with bright flowers to set the vibe for a room that feels like paradise.

Paradise Chair Refresh

Turn your couch into your own personal paradise by adding pillows in your favorite vibrant hues and patterns.

Patterned Burlap Bulletin Board

Be a décor adventurer by making a burlap bulletin board with tropical colors. It makes a perfect spot to pin up treasures of all kinds and works propped up on a shelf or hanging on a wall in your kitchen, living room, kid's rooms or even a hallway. The best thing is, you can update it as many times as you want – it's as simple as switching out the burlap for another piece with a newly 
created design.

Supplies List:

A sheet of ¾” insulation sheathing (sold at home improvement stores)

Cork roll with adhesive backing (enough to cover your bulletin board)

Burlap (enough to cover your bulletin board plus a few inches extra in both length and width)

Craft paint in the bright colors of your choice

Painter’s tape

Staple gun

Glue gun and D-ring hooks or damage-free picture hanging strips

Start by cutting your piece of insulation sheathing to the size of the bulletin board that you want to create. Many home improvement stores will do this for you, but you can also do it at home using a utility knife. Then cut your rolled cork to the same size and remove the backing to adhere it to your board. It’s ok if the cork is in more than one piece, as the seams won't be visible once the board is covered with burlap.

Next, use painter’s tape to outline the edges of the design you want to paint on your burlap. Create your own pattern with regular tape or buy pre-patterned painter’s tape in chevron, scalloped, or wave. Once taped out, paint in between the taped lines.You'll need a thick drop cloth underneath paint seeps through burlap. You may need to paint two coats!

Once you're done painting, remove the painter’s tape and let your burlap dry. Finish the bulletin board by wrapping the burlap around the piece of insulation sheathing/cork and staple gunning it to the back.

You can hang your new bulletin board on the wall by adhering two D-ring picture hangers to the back of the board with a hot glue gun and then hanging it on nails. Or if you're using the bulletin board at the back of a bookcase or on shelving where it will be supported on the bottom, using a few damage-free picture hanging strips on the back of the board will do the trick.

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