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A joyful mood makes your home feel delightful, like running downstairs for a cup of freshly squeezed lemonade. It’s what happens when you spend Saturday afternoon with your family at a kitchen table, playing board games and eating berries from a bowl. It’s a feeling that says, “Everything’s just perfect.”

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First you might smell vanilla, then white flowers and finally melon, as this constantly changing fragrance ushers in the freedom of a glorious summer day.

Summer Delights Freshmatic

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These tips will help bring to life the mood you’re looking to create in your home.

Decorate to Delight

Everyone has a favorite family recipe, be it a grandmother’s sweet-smelling peach cobbler or your great-aunt’s tangy lemon meringue pie. Photocopy a treasured handwritten recipe onto acid-free paper and then frame and display it in your home. You’ll be preserving a cherished family recipe for generations to come while evoking joyful memories each time you see it.

Lemonade Stand Memories

Cut lemons (and other citrus) make fun, colorful vase fillers. Place a smaller vase with flowers inside a larger vase lined with sliced or halved citrus fruit for the perfect centerpiece.

Get Into the Swing of It

The joyful feeling of sitting on a porch swing in the summertime doesn’t have to end once the weather turns cold. Hanging a rattan chair swing in your sunroom, or even in your bedroom can recreate the feeling of carefree delight all year long.

Mason Jar Lids For Easy Flower Arranging

Nothing adds a joyful feel to your home like a fresh bouquet of flowers. Creating a perfectly balanced floral arrangement can be a challenge, but by using a mason jar and this simple DIY trick, it couldn’t be easier to put together a beautiful tabletop bouquet.

Supplies List:

Mason jar with lid (available at most grocery and craft stores)

Gutter guard plastic mesh (mesh with ½” square openings is ideal) 

Chalk or marker for tracing


After choosing a mason jar that best fits the size of the floral arrangement you want to create, unscrew the lid from the jar and remove the solid circle from the outside ring. Using chalk or a marker, trace around the outside of the solid circle onto the mesh. Cut on the inside of the traced line, creating a mesh circle.

Turn the ring of the mason jar lid upside down and push the mesh circle into it. If your mesh circle is too large to lay flat in the base of the lid, trim it to a slightly smaller size.

Fill your mason jar about 2/3 full with water and screw the lid (with mesh inside) back onto the jar. Before placing your flowers into the jar, cut the base of the stems at an angle with a sharp knife or scissors and remove any leaves that will be submerged in the water. Starting with the largest blooms, add one stem of flowers at a time through the mesh grid into the mason jar until you've worked your way down through the smallest stem.

The mesh grid in the mason jar lid makes flower arranging simple by keeping your flowers standing upright and evenly spaced. You'll be amazed by the beautiful flower arrangements that you can create!

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