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An invigorating mood gives your room a sense of rejuvenation. It’s that feeling you get after taking a bubble bath in sea salt and minerals. It feels like the memories of last year’s vacation captured in a bottle of sand on the shelf in your living room.

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These tips will help bring to life the mood you’re looking to create in your home.

Create Your Own Spa

Break up the sleek, clean lines of your bathroom by adding an invigorating dose of texture. Large sea sponges, towels piled in woven baskets and apothecary jars filled with bath salts are perfect for injecting fresh, textural style into your space.

Aquatic Walls

Give your bathroom a rejuvenating vibe by painting the walls a crisp shade of aqua reminiscent of the color and fresh scent of ocean air. Choose accessories in warmer colors or wood tones to help balance the cool blue, so that your bathroom is the perfect combination of invigorating and inviting.

Bath Accoutrements

When re-energizing with a hot bubble bath, keep a small stool next to the tub as a spot to rest a drink, magazine or stack of towels. A ceramic garden stool is a good choice, because it fits well in small spaces and adds a unique decorative element. And since it can double as extra seating, it’s convenient to have on hand for when you're hosting group gatherings.

Spa Shower

Hang a bunch of eucalyptus from your showerhead with a pretty bow. It is like creating a spa at home, and the smell will rejuvenate the entire room while you get clean.

Small Shelf of Nature

Hang an open shelf in the bathroom (over the window, towel rack or along the exit wall are three great places). Place upon it jars filled with salts and sprigs of greenery to invigorate the space.

Creating Art From Nature

Creating a gallery wall in your home is a great way to invigorate your home with your own personal style. Even if you don't have any artistic talent, you can craft your own unique pieces of art by letting nature be the artist! Slices of natural agate stone, which are found in an array of stunning colors, are one of the many gorgeous natural elements that can be framed to create fabulous pieces of art.

Supplies List:

Polished agate slice (available online or in many home stores as coasters)

Clear adhesive dots (available at most craft stores)

Sheet of textured white cardstock

Matted frame

Since even thin slices of agate are weighty, they need to be mounted before framing. One of the easiest ways to mount them is with clear adhesive dots. Simply place several dots around the edge on the back of your agate slice:

Then center your agate slice in the opening of your frame (the side with the adhesive glue dots should be facing up).

Cut a piece of textured cardstock so that it’s wide enough to cover the matted area. It should also be the exact height of your frame opening so that it doesn't move up or down in the frame once the agate is attached to it. Lay your piece of cardstock on top of your agate slice and press down to adhere it to the agate.

Since the agate slice has some depth to it, take the piece of cardboard that comes with your frame and cut it into four pieces so that it covers everything except the middle portion of the frame with the agate slice. This evens out the depth of the contents of your frame.

Finally, replace the back of the frame and hang it where you can enjoy your new simple but elegant piece of art! Art can also be created from natural elements that you find in your own backyard or on your last vacation. Thin pieces of coral, sand, small shells, or even a few feathers can look beautiful when framed.

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