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An enchanting mood triggers your curiosity. It stirs the excitement of discovery. It’s what encourages you to spin the wooden globe in your living room and dream with eyes wide open. It’s that wondrous feeling that’s at once adventurous and comforting.

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To create an enchanting feeling in your home, we recommend


This constantly changing fragrance awakens the imagination and uplifts the spirit. First you might smell marshmallow, then raspberry and finally rose, as they work together to create something uniquely magical.

Lavender & Camomile Electrical Complete

Expert Insights

These tips will help bring to life the mood you’re looking to create in your home.

Choose Alluring Accents

Turn a room into an enchanting space by adding low-watt floor or table lamps. Choose lamps that have style and a touch of whimsy, along with large shades that create subtle ambient lighting.

Mixed Metals

Create a space with a sense of mystery by adding touches of the unexpected to your home. Instead of choosing all silver or gold hardware and accessories, mixing golds, silvers and other metals together is one unique twist to try.

Reuse to Amuse

Think of old, unused items in your home that can be repurposed in new ways. For example, an old watering can makes an enchanting planter when filled with fragrant lavender or roses.

Side Table Enchantments

Update a side table that you don’t love by painting it with an enchanting pink or metallic hue for a pop of fairytale color, that will make your entire living room come alive.

Wreaths Inside

Who says wreaths need to be only for the front door? Hang floral wreaths inside on walls, mirrors and even cabinet doors for an enchanting feeling indoors.

Gold Banded Tassels

Adding tassels to a few handles on a chest of drawers or armoire is a whimsical, enchanting touch that brings new life to old furniture pieces. And by making your own tassels, you can create them in colors that coordinate perfectly with your home’s decor.

Supplies List:

Embroidery floss in the color of your choice - use three 8.7 yard (8 m) skeins of floss for each tassel

An adjustable gold ring – available in the jewelry-making section of craft stores

A dowel, marker, round spoon handle, or other round tool about 3/8” in diameter


A wire snip/cutter (if needed to cut a large ring)

Remove the paper sleeves from around the three skeins of embroidery floss and cut about two yards of floss off of one of the skeins. Set this piece aside for later use. Line up the three skeins of floss and place all six of the loose ends at the bottom. Cut off the three long loose ends to make them even with the three short ones.

For the next step, find something in the shape of a pencil but a bit fatter (about 3/8” in diameter is perfect) such as a wood dowel, marker, or handle of a wooden spoon. Slide your round tool through the top loops of all three skeins of floss. Then, cut an 18” piece of floss from the two yard piece that you set aside. Run this piece of floss through the top loops, tie it in a knot, and cut off the loose ends of the knot to create the tassel hanger. You can shorten the length of the hanger later if needed.

While pulling the tassel hanger taut, use a small piece of embroidery floss to tie a knot under your round tool as shown. Cut off the extra floss close to the knot and remove your round tool from inside the loops.

Snip the bottom loops of floss with scissors and trim your tassel to its desired length.

Bend your adjustable gold ring in a circle around the tied part of your tassel so that the ends overlap in the back. If your ring is large, use wire cutters to cut off some of the band and file down any sharp edges before bending it around the tassel. Bend the cut end around the tassel first and then the finished end over top of it. Use gloves and be cautious when handling the cut band since the edge can be sharp.

If you don't love the gold banded look, you can finish off your tassel with a silver band or, instead of a metal band, you can wrap an extra piece of embroidery floss around the tassel several times or find a fun piece of cording or trim to wrap around it. No matter how you finish it off, your tassel will be the perfect little added touch of whimsy!

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