Which Air Freshener Spray is Best for You?

Air fresheners can brighten and liven up the mood in any room in a matter of seconds, provided you use the best one for your space, and the scent that best suits your home décor. You have to consider the type of space that you will be using the air freshener in by considering these factors:

The type of room

The type of room you want to enhance and scent you want is important, therefore the air freshener you choose will make a big difference on the room. Consider, for example, whether it is the kitchen, living room or the bathroom that you want to freshen up. Each of these rooms will have scents that suit them better.

  • Kitchen

A kitchen for example should be a place of warm, homely smells that remind you of mom baking cookies on a sunny afternoon. That is exactly why Air Wick has specifically created a scent to take you right back to that moment - Mum’s baking, part of the Air Wick Freshmatic Life scents range

The Air Wick Freshmatic Life scents layers the three unique scents of baked pear, pie crust, and vanilla beans, to create a scent that changes over time as you smell the different notes in each layer of the fragrance. Not only does this make your kitchen smell amazing, but it is also super easy to set the Freshmatic Air Freshener Spray to spray automatically at chosen intervals. Depending on how strong you want the fragrance in your kitchen to be, you can set it to spray either every 9, 18 or 36 minutes.

  • Living room

The living room should convey a feeling of warmth and welcoming to anyone who visits your home. Here you might only want to spray a burst of your chosen fragrance every so often to ensure it isn’t too overpowering. In this instance, you could try out Air Wick’s Aqua Mist Spray - a spray that is inspired by water-based florals, perfect as it gives you’re a natural and welcoming feeling as people enter your home.

Try these fragrances, the Lavender, Cool Linen and White Lilac  – the best way to determine the one that will work for you would be to experiment and see which one fits your home and the overall mood of the house best.

  • Bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, you may want to keep it smelling fresh and clean, but also want to cover up any bad odours that may arise. In the initial phase of keeping the bathroom smelling fresh, we recommend Air Wick’s Air Freshener spray, an aerosol fragrance spray that you can spray use for that instant change in bathroom odor.

The freshener comes in a range of refreshing and clean scents that will make sure your bathroom smells great by performing these functions at one time. This amazing aerosol can achieve the following for your bathroom:

  • Eliminating odor that might be in the bathroom, it does this in a matter of seconds.
  • A premium fragrance that is bound to make your bathroom feel more welcoming,

Try the Pot Pourri or Cotton Breeze scents for a fresh smelling bathroom that isn’t necessarily too overpowering.

For more advice and tips on how to keep your home smelling fresh, and feeling great, visit the Air Wick website.


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