Best Air Freshener Spray for improving your day

People tend to take the scents and fragrances provided by their air fresheners for granted. To be fair, not everybody is conscious of how air fresheners can be beneficial in boosting mental productivity and mood. If you are having difficulty focusing or feeling a little bit overly emotional, your air freshener could be your best companion. The human nose may not be as spectacular as compared to that of our beloved pets but it is still one of the most important and relevant part on our body. When we use our sense of smell, the receptors in our nose send strong signals to our brains which can trigger our memories, emotions and behaviour.

Air Fresheners can also help you combat stress, sleeping disorders and physical performances. All we need to do is use Air freshener in the spaces we live in and use daily. Here are some tips on the best air freshener sprays that can improve our day.

Beneficial Fragrances

Different fragrance types, have different benefits which could improve your day, such as;


  • A Lavender air freshener spray can help sooth your emotional stress as it has been known to have a calming effect when tense or nervous due to many pressures such as work or personal life challenges. This fragrance has also been known to aid those who have trouble sleeping.


  • A Jasmine air freshener spray has similar properties as the Lavender spray, such as calming nerves and helping with depression. This fragrance also has uplifting qualities which could help you become motivated and energised enough to get through a tough day.


  • Citrus fragranced air freshener sprays have been known to promote focus and improved emotional control as well. You can use the Airwick 4in1 sparkling citrus fragrance around your home which could help cheer you up when feeling not so great.

Practically using these sprays

Fragrance sprays can be used in many different ways and they provide benefits, depending on the type of scent they release. Where can I use these fragrance sprays, you may be asking? The Air Wick products can be used all around the home whether be it bedroom or living room, but remember they are not limited to your home. 

  •         Have a fulfilling sleep and easily get up in the morning

If you have been running around all day and working really hard a good night’s sleep is definitely a necessity for you to maintain good healthy and be at your best performance. Use any of our lavender fragranced air freshner around the room before going to bed, it will help calm and relax you so that you can be able to sleep and experience nothing but the sweet dreams that you truly deserve.

Air Wick Freshmatic will leave your home with a long lasting quality fragrance. The Freshmatic compact gives you the options to choose from different types of fragrances such as lavender and chamomile for a soothing and calming scent. The Freshmatic compact also comes in these fragrances such as sparkling citrus, magnolia and other fragrances types.

  •         Getting all romantic with your loved one

If you find it hard to set up a mood to kick start your romantic evening with your loved one it would be wise to have Air Wicks Summer Romance fragrance in your arsenal of romantic tricks.  It will come in handy when you are trying to get the ball rolling. Have that lovely aroma lingering in the room with the air freshener’s subtle fruity and floral scents.

Trust us when we say that when it comes to romance paying attention to the little things definitely counts and your partner is sure to appreciate your efforts allowing you to enjoy a blissful romantic evening.

  •         Relaxing and having some you time.

When you need to relax, Lavender and Jasmine are the air freshener fragrances you need to make sure that you are able to relax. They have calming properties that will keep you feeling relaxed, allowing you to enjoy your leisure time by doing what makes you happy. Air Wick Air freshener may just be the aromatic masseuse you need.­­­­­­

Air Wick provides a great assortment of scented product solutions for your home, make the best of your special occasions with our Air Wick range of products. Learn more about these products on fragrance finder.


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