Air freshener scents that can change your mood

As seasons change, and now spring is upon us, it is a season of new beginnings. Spring is filled with sunshine and scents that are released by fresh flowers, and with air fresheners they can capture this magnificent scents.

In your workspace or personal space at home, one of the aspects that make us feel more comfortable is being in clean space or surrounding. A space which smells and feels dirty can be uncomfortable to be in and also uninspiring. As mentioned, a clean space would normal have a good scent. If a room has a bad odour, it can have an effect on you and on how you feel about the space. Conversely a clean and lasting fresh smell can change your mood and impact your day in a positive way without you really noticing. Air fresheners are important as they release fragrances that have properties which can change our moods hence influencing our day.

 Increasingly popular automatic air fresheners are used to spread scents in spaces such as around your home that you may want to liven up and make them smell fabulous.

Seasonal scents can be relived even as seasons change, this can be by using our air freshner fragrance sprays. These scents around in your home can help bring back the magic in your day. 

  • Lavender

Lavender is a most popular scent for spring and synonymous with air fresheners because it is such a wonderful fragrance. The clean, fresh fragrance of lavender lets off a feeling of calmness and tranquillity, which can soothe you throughout the day.

The scent of lavender helps to reduce stress feelings and anxiety, it can also help uplift you when you are feeling down. Use an automatic air freshener dispenser to spread the fragrance around the house and the scent will last throughout the day.

  • Citrus

Citrus is definite win to bring fresh lasting scents and it is perfect for spring. Citrus smells include lemon freshness, orange and lime and all other fragrances associated with invigoration and can make you feel extra clean. The magic of citrus can alter your mood by releasing fine properties that can be calming to your nerves, leaving you with a lasting feeling of happiness and relaxation.

  • Rose

There is nothing better than the scent of fresh roses in spring, you can have the same fragrance in your home by using our automatic and instant fragrance sprays. Make your home smell like fresh roses and brighten your world with Air Wick.

  • Vanilla

As you are relaxing on your couch on a fresh spring morning, let the scent of vanilla lift your mood and leave you feeling positive by filling your home with fresh notes of vanilla, transporting you to a place where you think beautiful thoughts.

Vanilla is stimulating to the senses, helping you focus your mind while energising and rejuvenating you inner being. Vanilla is not only ideal for the summer season but also perfect for the colder seasons making it an ideal relaxing air freshener scent for all year round.

Air Wick fragrance finder will help you choose the right scent to help lift your mood and bring your home to life through capturing those magical notes of the outdoor and reinvigorating your personal space.


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