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A comforting mood fills your home with a sense of belonging. It’s that feeling of spreading out freshly washed linens for travel-weary guests. It’s when everything is in its right place, and your home feels complete. It’s the feeling carried in familiar sounds and scents that say “The family's at home.”

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This fragrance fills your home with the familiar feelings of fresh laundry, sunshine and pure white flowers, creating a sense of comfort.

Expert Insights

These tips will help bring to life the mood you’re looking to create in your home.


Build a retreat

Make your bedroom a comforting retreat where you can relax and unwind before falling asleep. Choose a soothing wall color such as a creamy white or blush pink, soften overhead lighting by installing a dimmer switch, use fluffy down pillows on your bed and nestle a plush reading chair in the corner. If your bedsheets have a beautiful decorative border or pattern, show it off! After washing your sheets so that they’re baby powder fresh and putting the fitted sheet over your mattress, place the top sheet on with the pattern facing down. Then add a cozy comforter and fold all three layers back about one-third of the way towards the foot of the bed so that the patterned side of your sheet is revealed. Slipcovered headboards give you a soft, comfortable surface to rest against and are a perfect choice if you love watching TV or reading books from the comfort of your bed. And as an added plus, the slipcovers can be taken on and off for easy washing or switched out when it’s time to refresh your bedroom design.

Easy Does It

Paint your bedroom walls a very light grey, ivory or other pastel shade. Off-whites and pastels are comforting and will make your transition into the morning a more subtle experience. Buy an extra blanket to fold at the foot of your bed. It creates a restful feeling in the room and can easily be pulled up for a midafternoon nap, without having to unmake the bed.

Simple Ways to Dress Up Pillows

Changing up the pillows on your comfy bed or sofa is one of the easiest things you can do to transform the look of your room. And there’s no need to buy all new pillows to do it! Using these simple DIY tips, you can dress up the pillows that you already own for a fraction of the cost but with just as much of an impact as buying new ones.

Supplies List:

A pillow or two that you already own favorite piece of fabric (remnants work great!)

Thread that matches your fabric (or iron-on fusible tape if you prefer not to sew)

Scissors and straight pins

Wrapping a wide strip of a favorite fabric around a pillow is a great way to add color and pattern, giving your pillow a whole new look. Start by measuring the length of fabric needed to wrap all of the way around your pillow. Cut your fabric a few inches longer than the measured length. Then decide how wide you want your fabric strip to be and cut the fabric about 4” inches wider than your desired width.

 Place your fabric on an ironing board with the patterned side down. Fold over about 2” of the fabric along the length of each edge and iron it down.

With the patterned side down, wrap your piece of ironed fabric around your pillow and pin the two ends together where they meet. Your piece of fabric should fit snugly (but not too tightly!) on your pillow.

While keeping your fabric pinned, gently slide it off of your pillow. At the spot marked by your pins, sew the two ends together with a straight seam (or use an iron-on fusible tape if you prefer not to sew!). Press open the seam with an iron.

Now, turn your fabric right-side out, slide it onto your pillow and enjoy your pillow’s beautiful new look!

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